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Hand Washing Made Easy

I know every parent has been there—holding your wiggly toddler over the side of the sink, trying to clean off all the evidence of his or her very busy and curious hands. I used to dread the task of balancing my son on one arm and trying to prevent him from touching everything in sight as I splashed water onto his hands. Even with a stool, he just couldn’t reach the water without me lifting him up.

Now that I’ve been using the Aqueduck Faucet Extender made by Peachy, hand washing is much easier and cleaner. It’s one of those products that makes me think, I wish I’d come up with that.

It’s incredibly easy to use. You simply stretch the opening over your existing faucet, and the plastic bill brings the water closer to the edge of the sink. It even fits over my rather large, square-shaped faucet. It comes off just as easily as it goes on, making it easy to clean or remove when you’d rather not have an addition to your faucet. Because of its easy portability, you can move it from sink to sink or even stash it in your diaper bag to use in public bathrooms.

And wouldn’t you know it, Susanna Lee, the creator of the Aqueduck, is a mom herself. Frustrated with the whole hand-washing process, she looked for a solution, and when she didn’t find one, she created it. Lucky for us.

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Beth, Project Nursery’s Editor, lives in Upstate New York with her husband and their two boys—an inquisitive four-year-old and a busy two-year-old. Beth is a work-from-home mom who loves writing, crafting and all things kid design.
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  • shelia

    So simply, but so smart! Hand washing can be a challenge with a little wiggly.

  • Wendy Bowman

    Yeah, this is grrrr eat!

  • jeannie martirez

    I dread hand washing time exactly because of the amount of effort you need to exert just to make your toddler reach the faucet! I hope they have this product too in public washrooms.

  • hyacinth

    Does this really work for all types of faucets?

  • Beth


    The product site says “most” faucets, so I was really afraid it wouldn’t work on mine because it’s large and square. It probably stretches a little bit more on my faucet than others, but it definitely still works!


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