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Design Board: A Bohemian Inspired Room

I am forever a bohemian at heart so it is no surprise that I love the idea for the nursery. There are plenty of options for fun and color – perfect for the nursery or child.

1. Chloe Pink Chandelier from Maura Daniel

2. Sunshine Block Print found on Etsy.

3. Dimple Aqua Leather Ottoman from LampsPlus.

4. Dream Menagerie Rug from Anthropologie.

5. Ikat Pink Moses Basket from Little House by Annette Tatum.

6. Fiona Drum Table from PoshTots.

Inspiration from India, Morocco and other distant lands gives a room a feeling of well traveled eclectic feel. I like the idea of introducing unpredictable and out of the ordinary in the way of textile patterns and home decor pieces. Ottomans, hammocks, day beds and more can be a great way to make a child’s room more user friendly.

Transition from baby to child with “boho” style. It is a great way to update and refresh any child’s room while keeping “play” a part of the picture.

Check out Design Vidal in Silverlake for more beautiful design inspiration.

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  • Tiffany

    I LOVED that dimpled ottoman but it’s out of stock in that color. :(

  • Lia

    I really love Bohemian-inspired decor! It really transports one to a land that’s exotic and full of adventures. To me, Bohemia means free spirit. I hope someday I can have my own Bohemian-inspire room.

  • Dionne

    Bohemian accents are nice, and I have a few of them in our home, just enough to interest my guests. But every time I find myself wanting to get another Bohemian-inspired item for the house, I always try to stop myself. I am always afraid of going overboard. Bohemian, when overly done, tend to give the room that creepy feel. Anyway, I love the way the room in that last photo was done.

  • Reema

    La vie Boheme! This is my favorite song from Rent! I hope I have the guts to go Bohemian, Moroccan, or at least eclectic even just in my home. Sadly, I still end up going for what’s safe and middle-of-the-road. Maybe when I am older, I’d be more daring.

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  • Tasha

    I really, really love the look of the Boho-inspired nursery rooms. Really, I do!

    However, it’s kind of ironic in a way. Individuals who are truly on the boho side (like myself) wouldn’t bother with a fancy nursery. Family beds and co-sleeping are the ultimate in bohemian. ;)


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