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Gallery Roundup: Hel-lo I am a Ro-bot.

A recent robot trend has captured my heart and taken me back to my childhood. Here’s to you Alphie, my former Playskool pal. Though my present day entourage may consist of  Blackberry and iPod, I hope you’re making your way from thrift store to flea market and bringing as much joy to some child’s life as you did to my own!

The details in “Baby’s Robot” room are so much fun. Check out the colorful robot gear patterned bedding.

Is it just me or does the decor in this“Mr. Roboto” party look like its enjoying the festivities too?  If the bots don’t leave your kids with a charge I’m sure the deliciously displayed Pixy Stix will!

  • Michelle {Sweet Mady}

    That robot cake is so fun! Love the robots framed on the wall. We have a robot lunchbox, plate and tee that would be so great with this theme.

  • MalinaStwrt

    Robots! :) Great idea! Doesn’t that robot cake just look delicious?!


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